Cooking Sneaky

Your kids WILL eat vegetables, whether they know it or not.

This is a site for moms and dads. For grandparents. A site for anyone who needs to get healthy veggies AND great taste in every meal.

You know the routine. It’s 6pm. You’re hungry. Your kids are hungry.

You take the time to make an awesome, healthy meal of lean protein, fresh veggies, and grains for your family. You followed all the steps on the healthy eating blog. You drove all over town just to buy the $20 non-gmo, free range, organic, gluten-free (and clearly) magical ingredient. You feel like mom of the year. And then…it happens.

Food all over the floor.

Your kids start pointing to the fridge. Demanding pizza, cookies, cake…chicken fingers…fries…anything other than what you’ve prepared. Sound familiar?

This site was made for you.

happy boy empty plateTry a few recipes, and next thing you know, you’ll have empty plates and smiling kids, just like mine.

Want to give me a challenge? Fill out the Contact Form and give me your worst case scenario.

Let’s get sneaky.