About Me

the sneaky cook and baby t

I’m a mom of a picky eater, just like you.

I’ve slaved for hours over a meal that immediately received a thumbs down…and then cried.
I’ve cleaned beets off a white rug. More than once.
I’ve experimented with different shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors…and then put them in a spreadsheet for reference.
I’ve read all the health food blogs, baby eating blogs, healthy baby blogs, and everything in between.
I’ve been more grateful for my two scavenger dogs eating food off the floor than I ever knew possible.

I got frustrated with cooking for my toddler.

I got sick of having to make a choice – my food was either healthy or unhealthy. I was done with all of the rules about exactly what my kid could or couldn’t eat, in order to grow up a happy, “healthy” kid. I got over feeling guilty. Like a bad mom.

I realized I was trying to solve the wrong problem.

Kids are going to eat – they certainly won’t starve themselves. But all kids love the same stuff. Fried, carb-tastic, cheesy, sweet…they mostly love delicious food, and so do I. So why fight it with crap they’re never gonna want (and if we’re being honest, you don’t want it either)? Why not give them EXACTLY what makes their mouths water, but make it a little healthier, by getting sneaky?

So I got sneaky.

I realized that I can make the food my son loves, by simply sneaking healthy veggies right into the dishes he already knows and loves. And guess what? He never knew the difference.

You can be a sneaky cook, too.