Pea Pea Corn Muffins

healthy corn muffins with peas for kids and family
Little man has decided, as of two days ago, that he wants nothing to eat but corn muffins. No blueberries (his favorite thing since about 7 months old). No bananas. No cheese. He’s done with all of it. He just runs over to the kitchen counter once an hour yelling “Muh, muh!” – in little man speak, that means “muffins”. I think he ate about a dozen corn muffins over the last two days. So clearly, I had to do something about this. I can’t have him just eat plain ol’ corn muffins, which are nothing but corn, on top of corn, with some eggs and milk. We need a few more vitamins and minerals than that, right?

Then it dawned on me. Split pea corn muffins – Pea Pea Muffins, if you have a sense of humor. Corn muffins with the added amazingness of split peas. And yes, if your kid is old enough to say the name, they’ll like it even more.

Luckily, these things still basically taste like standard corn muffins. So your kids won’t be like “You ruined my corn muffins!” They’ll just be like, “Gee thanks, ma, this is yummy.” And that’s all we really ever want to hear anyway. Bonus: this might be the simplest recipe in the history of Sneaky Cooking, so enjoy.

What You Need

Take a deep breath…

  • One Box Jiffy Corn Meal Mix. That little box that’s like $.47.
  • Two Eggs.
  • One Can of Split Pea Soup. Preferably one with low salt, low junk. I like Amy’s, just because I can pronounce everything in the can. Super simple ingredients, and not too much salt.
  • Oil. To grease your muffin tin.

…and that’s it. See, didn’t hurt at all, did it?

How to Do It + What it Looks Like

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